Document Date: October 10, 1958Source: CIAViews: 3920
Nothing of interest occured during our Leningrad visit, and on the evening of 11 July we departed by train for Moscow. This 10 hour trip was uneventful except for one incident which took place when we were about one hour of of the Leningrad station. I was looking out of the train window toward the east when I noticed two bright lights with gray smoke trails rising vertically into the air. Because of the poor visibility and the distance involved I could not tell whether the lights were pro-pulsion flames of some sort or whether they were integral parts of larger objects. I could not jusdge the speed of the ascent, nor could I tell how far any of the objects were, but they remained in view, still in ascent, for about 10 minutes. I called them to the attention of the above-mentioned tourist guide and he just laughed and said, "Maybe we're launching two more satellites." We forgot the above incident until later in Moscow when the Russian speaking member of the tour and I were given a short sightseeing trip around the city by (redacted) official whom I shall call Ivanov and about when I shall ??ent later. (redacted) ??????? remarked to Ivanov that we had seen two bright lightsing rising ???????? ?????? ??? if he knew what they might have been. Ivanov was driving alone in the front most of the car, and without turning he made a joking reference to ??????? ?????? to the ??? made by our guide. When we told him that the lights appeared to be traveling too slowly to be rockets of that type he laughed again and said "Well, maybe they were flying saucers." My friend going along with the joke said, "Stop kidding us Ivanov, we know what flying saucers look like." this, Ivanov immediately pulled the car off the road, stopped, and turned around to face us, evidently flustered. "You do know what flying saucers look like?" he inquired. When he registered surprise at this ?????? he started the car up again and changed the subject completely. We did not discuess it with Ivanov or anyone else after that.


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         Nikola Tesla was found dead in his hotel room. Tesla was meeting the government to discuss his "Death Ray" the next morning. His research papers and plans were never found.

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