What is SETI? (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)

The SETI program started in the 1960's to search signals from space for intelligence. For many years SETI collected signals using the VLA antenna array in New Mexico and was funded partially by NASA. In 1993 all funding was canceled. Signals are now recorded by the Aricebo Telescope in Puerto Rico as well as other telescopes around the world.

Realtime graphic that shows SETI telescope data collection

After loosing government funding, many others invested into the program, and volunteered resources. However the computing power needed to search all the collected data was far more than what could be afforded. This is where SETI@HOME comes in.

What is SETI@HOME?

SETI@home is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers to Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). The Data Collected by all the telescopes involved is sent back to Berkely University in California. That data is then sorted and distributed to personal computers running the BOINC program, where it is analized and the results sent back to Berkely. Packets of data that exhibit characteristics for things they are looking for are then flagged, re-examined and then investigated.
You can participate by running the free BOINC program.

What is the UFO Crash Site Team?

The UFO Crash Site Team is just people competing as a team against others to see who can analyze signals the quickest. Each computer, user, and team is ranked. Credits are awarded by the length of time it takes to complete a unit, the speed of your machine, and other criteria. When you join our team, all the packets your machine analizes count towards our teams total as well as your own. We dont receieve anything for this, its purely for the benefit of the scientific community.

Here are the steps to join. If your already running Boinc, just join our team.

1. SIGN UP FOR SETI (Wait for email with your Account ID)
2. INSTALL BOINC (Join Project using info from above email)

May 2019 Became a BOINC Wide Team

This means our team is now listed on all BOINC projects, from RNA protien folding, to weather prediction, astrophysics calculations and of course the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, now machines can be pointed at other science projects while still earning credit for the team. Over the years many other BOINC projects have launched that have great focuses.


Past SETI Team Stats (Worldwide Rank)

09-21-04 - Rank (4904)
10-21-04 - Rank (1586)
11-21-04 - Rank (822)
12-21-04 - Rank (529)
04-07-06 - Rank (1244)
05-13-06 - Rank (1117)
06-08-06 - Rank (1001)
07-09-06 - Rank (880)
07-16-16 - Rank (363)
05-04-19 - Rank (467)
10-10-19 - Rank (433)

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