Document Date: November 07, 1955Source: CIAViews: 1503
On three evenings between 2100 and 2300 in July and August 1954, it was observed ??? ?? ??? XXXXXXX in ???????. ?? ?? ??????. USSR, that a white prop-shaped ????? that was ????? than a white flare but brighter than a shining shooting star moved straight from east to west north of the ???? and apparently ??????? the same altitude. The sky was 2/10 overcast, Other PWs made the same ovservation on other days at the same hour. The flying object itself could not been seen but only the ????? ????? luminous intesnsity did not change. ?? trail was observed ??? were the ?????? of ????? heard. The ????????? were ???? elevation angle of about 45 degrees and an ???????? angle of about 80 degrees, since further observations of the flight path were obstructed by trees. The ???? required about 1 second for flying through this angle of 80 degrees. When seen a shooting star since the phenomenon appeared and dissapeared ?? quickly. When the phenomenon was observed several times, however, it was ???????? to be a flying body. Field Content/ The type of the flying object can not be inferred from the ?????? statements. The report indicates that unidentified flying bodies were also observed in the ?????? area (??? ???/?? ?? E)


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