"The Area 51 / FEMA Connection"

Written By
Paul of www.ufocrashsite.com

While I did write this article, the views expressed are that
of others, including book author Susan Wright. The article was
written only to provide information and supporting facts. I myself
do not hold a definite opinion on this topic.

Who runs Area 51?
No one really knows what department of the government has controlling
power of the Area 51 facility. Security guards, known as "Cammodudes" driving
unmarked vehicles patrol a virtually unmarked perimeter of the base. At one
time it was believed these guards were Wackenhut security personnel. Wackenhut,
a private security company trains and supplies security personnel for private
and government offices worldwide. However the security at Area 51 uses
frequencies the FCC has licensed to FEMA.

So who is FEMA?
FEMA is the acronym for "Federal Emergency Management Agency". FEMA over
the years has grown to be an organization of many powers. A product of the
Nixon administration the organization was started as a response agency for
the threat of a nuclear attack. While a nuclear attack was a slight possibility,
the threat of natural disasters was much greater, and this is the primary
use for the agency. Many believe however that FEMA is more than an emergency
management agency. Many believe that the agency is a secret organization of
massive power which controls many aspects of the US government, using the
FEMA acronym to mask its true identity. Some of this is mentioned in the early
chapters of "UFO Headquarters" by Susan Wright.

FEMA's Powers
So how much power does FEMA have? Over the years, the rights FEMA has in the
event of a national emergency have grown greater and greater. Examples of FEMA's
powers are:

Other executive orders empower FEMA to evacuate populations, and relocate them to
new areas, turn the population into a workforce under the supervision of the
government, and take over all sources of food including farms.

While some of these powers are understandable in the event of a nuclear attack,
most people do not realize the massive range of powers this seemingly harmless
agency has. Most people view FEMA as a group of people who arrive at the site of
a natural disaster and provide food and aid to those affected. Its not until someone
looks at all the executive orders brought together that they understand the massive
power of this agency.

So other than the radio frequency connection with Area 51, why else would someone
think FEMA is somehow connected? As mentioned earlier FEMA was originally created
with nuclear response in mind, and the land on which Area 51 sits, was once the site
of atomic testing for many years. Susan Wright claims that while investigating the
FEMA/Area51 connection she contacted the director of FEMA for interview, he accepted.
During the interview, she mentioned that the Radio Frequencies at Area 51 were
licensed to FEMA, the director then commented, "Do you want me to go to prison for
discussing this?".

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